Checklist Training

1. There are two different areas for checklists, In Room and Out of Room. In Room Checklists are located in the In Room screen. Out of Room Checklists are located in the top menu on the home screen.

EN_In_Room_Complete_Checklists.png       EN_Complete_Checklists.png


2. Checklist screens look the same for both In Room and Out of Room. The only difference is the purpose of the checklist and the location, if the checklist is for a room or a public area (Out of Room).



3. Select the checklist needed to be completed. To mark items done, click done. If necessary, comments can be left on the right of each item.



4. At the bottom of the checklist there is another comments section to leave notes for the checklist overall and a place to upload a picture if needed. On the bottom right is the green Complete Checklist button that needs to be selected to save and submit the checklist.


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