Checklist/Inspection Training

1. There are two different areas where you can complete checklists/inspections: Inside of a room (In-room) and Out of room (Complete Checklists area located under the Menu button). In-Room Checklists are located on the In-Room screen. Out of Room Checklists are located on the top menu on the home screen.

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2. Checklists are identical for both In-Room and Out of Room areas. The only difference is the purpose of the checklist and its location if the checklist is being completed for a room (In-room) or a public area (Out of Room).




3. Select the Checklist or Inspection that you would like to complete and as you check each item, you can mark it as "Done" for items completed or "Not Done" for items that were not completed. If you are completing an inspection as a manager or supervisor, you can deduct points from a housekeeper who may have not completed a room cleaning according to your company's standards.





4. As the Checklist is completed, it will compile a score at the bottom.



5. At the bottom of each line-item, there is a comment area for Engineers to leave notes.



6. At the bottom of the checklist, below the score field, is a comment section to leave notes for the overall checklist and a place to upload an image as well. On the bottom as well, is the Save For Later and green Complete Checklist button that must be selected to save for later or to submit the completed checklist.


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