Creating Messages and Action Items Training

1. Managers and supervisors can send messages in two different ways. Click on a room from the area overview and select the drop-down menu under the Quick Pick Message area and select a message (you cannot type out a specific message here, you can only select what is available). The other messaging area is the quick pick box within the In-Room screen which sends predefined messages automatically to assigned staff when selected.



2. The difference between Messages and Action Items:

  • Action Items (Needs, Requests, and Work Orders) need to be acknowledged and marked completed
  • A Message is informational and does not require any actions

More information on this can be found in the Completion Screen Training page.


3. To use the messaging area, click on the envelope at the bottom right of PurpleCloud and click in the black Message area to pull up the messaging pop-up box.




4. To send out a message:

  • Select a staff member or department
  • Type out a message
  • Click the paper airplane icon on the bottom right.

Screen_Shot_2017-04-06_at_12.19.37_PM.png create_message.png                 

5. The messages box also has a Quick Pick selection area for common messages. Depending on the Quick Pick message, there will be more information that is needed to route the item properly. (Quick Pick Messages are controlled in Hotel Settings.)

  • Building
  • Location (room# or area)
  • Due Time

Pool Check does not have a Due Time option but Extra Towels does as seen below.

Screen_Shot_2017-04-06_at_12.25.21_PM.png   Screen_Shot_2017-04-06_at_12.27.42_PM.png   Screen_Shot_2017-04-06_at_12.27.11_PM.png

6. To create custom action items such as a Need, Request, or Work Order, select the Create Action Item at the top of the messaging box.


7. The Create Action Item drop-down menu will pop up to let you choose what action item you want to create.



8. Depending on which Action Item is selected, there will be different fields that will need to be filled out. For Work Orders, an Engineer will need to be chosen. Needs and Requests are the same. At the bottom of each, a time frame can be selected to let individuals know when the item will be labeled as overdue.

Screen_Shot_2017-04-06_at_2.50.01_PM.png                          Screen_Shot_2017-04-06_at_2.50.29_PM.png 


9. For Messages and Action Items, an image can be uploaded to provide extra detail to your message. 



10. Once all the information is filled out, select the Paper Airplane icon on the right side of the message box.


11. At any time, the message can be canceled by selecting the Cancel Message button at the top of the message box.


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