Checklists & Preventative Maintenance Creation Training

1. To access the Checklist Creation screen, click on "Checklists" in the top right menu.



2. The Checklists screen is the area where managers and supervisors can create In Room and Out of Room checklists for staff as well as Preventative Maintenance (PM) lists for Engineers. These checklists are then accessed in either the Complete Checklists screen (for Out of Room checklists) or within the In Room view (for In Room checklists). 

The Complete Checklists screen in Cielo is specific to each department and staff cannot see other departmental checklists. Managers and supervisors are the only ones with access to the Checklists screen (not to be confused with the Complete Checklists screen).



3. If a manager or supervisor needs to edit a checklist, select the department to filter the checklist list, and then select the checklist. Changes are automatically saved except when renaming the checklist.



4. If a manager or supervisor needs to create a checklist or PM list, click on the black Create New Checklist button on the top left.

There are 3 different checklists that can be created:

  • Simple Checklist
  • Point-based Checklist
  • Preventative Maintenance List



5. After clicking Create New Checklist, a pop-up box appears. A name will have to first be created and a box needs to be checked if the checklist is going to be point based. If it is not point based, but a list of items to be marked done, do not check the box. Click on the green Create button when ready. Points cannot be assigned to PM lists.



6. The next screen is a blank checklist. Fill out what role the checklist is for, select type (In Room or Out of Room), and then type out the actual checklist items, one by one. If it is a point-based checklist, there will be an area next to the item to assign points. If it is not point-based, there will not be a point section. When the item is ready to be created, click gray Insert button on the bottom right. The item will show up at the bottom.



7. When selecting the Engineering department, the checklist will automatically convert to a PM list instead of creating the standard checklist. An example of what the PM list looks like appears below. The main difference is the Damaged, Repaired, and Tested options. After an item has been "Tested", 1 point is awarded for the completion. 




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