Home Screen Tabs Training

1. In this section we will go over the following tabs that appear above the House Count section in the home screen: Show Legend, Guest List, Preventative Maintenance, and Change Log.

2. Within the Home Screen, the Home Screen tabs provide useful information regarding rooms and guests.



3. Show Legend shows the legend for House Count and Area Overview.



4. The Gust List lets associates see, edit, and upload guest lists.



5. To edit any guest, simply click on the pencil icon to the left of the room number. Click Save Guest after editing the information to save.



6. The Preventative Maintenance Scores tab shows PM scores for each room, when the room is scheduled for PM work, and the Engineer assigned to the perform the PM.



7. The last tab, Change Log, shows when the status of each room was changed, by whom, and who is assigned to the rooms.


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